Custom Handrails

Sundance can produce your Custom Handrail system out of several types of materials and/or designs depending on your needs. Aluminum, steel or stainless steel tubing is used. We can build the handrails in either a round or square profile. All Sundance handrails are fully welded, not screwed or clipped together. Each rail is constructed to meet or exceed local building code standards. The handrail system can be designed for a core drilled or base plated installation. Once fabricated, the handrail can be factory painted or powder coated to your custom color.

Double Rail  The design consists of a single top rail and a single bottom rail. The rails are connected by pickets (verticals). The pickets are spaced 4” on center. This is the most economical style of handrail.

Triple Rail  Same design as the double rail except it has two top rails to allow for unrestricted hand holding on the top.

Glass Rail  Glass rails can be built in a single or double rail design. The top and bottom rails have a channel opening to allow for a gasketed piece of glass. The different channel widths can be selected depending on your glass thickness.

Custom Rail  This type of rail is usually constructed using custom cut metal panel inserts that go either between or over the pickets (verticals).

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