Decorative Shutters

Aluminum shutters have the traditional look of wood but are constructed to be virtually maintenance free. Our line of shutter products are not only for shading and aesthetics but can also be designed and built to meet the Miami-Dade County Product Approval. All shutters are constructed of 6063 T6 aluminum alloy for strength and corrosion resistance. Shutters can be custom made to your specific sizes and are available in powder coated or anodized finishes. Styles include – Flat, Decorative Bahama, & Hurricane.


Flat Shutter (Colonial Style) A very cost effective way to dress up a window or area on your building. The shutter is constructed of 2” aluminum slats (louvers) that run horizontally between perimeter frame members. The shutter is fastened directly to the wall.



Decorative Bahama Shutter This type of shutter is perfect for the lightweight shading required on most commercial projects. In this instance, a flat shutter is mounted to a lightweight frame, projecting it out from the wall giving protection from the weather elements.

Hurricane Shutter  A rugged shutter built like the Bahama style but uses much thicker extrusions. This type of shutter has been tested and has passed the strict Miami-Dade County Product Approval (text #FL 2683 RI/FL 2681 RI) allowing this shutter to be installed in the Miami/Dade area of Florida. This is a great product when shading and protection from hurricanes is required.

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