Shade Systems

Sundance can design, engineer and construct several different types of Shade Systems to beautify and shade your building. Each system is produced from 6063 T6 aluminum alloy extrusions. They can be designed to project off of a building or can be made into a trellis design supported off of columns. All shade systems can be either powder coated or anodized for maintenance-free service.


Flat Shade Louver This shade product is usually designed to be mounted against a wall. It can safely project out 4 – 6 feet without support. If a larger projection is necessary, the louver can have hanger rods or support columns. The louver is constructed of a perimeter frame made out of tubing or flat bar. In the perimeter frame, several different types of extrusions or blade shapes can be used to provide the look and the shade effect required.

Perforated Metal Shade This shade system incorporates a perimeter frame made up of aluminum tubing. The frame is then covered with a perforated metal sheet. The sheet can be ordered with different sizes and spacings of holes depending on the amount of shading required. The structure can project out 4 – 6 feet unsupported or if larger projections are required, then hanger rods can be used.

Metal Trellis This system is designed and built using aluminum tubing to span between columns or walls to provide partial shading for outdoor areas. Each of the members are engineered (sized) for the spans required. They can be spaced closer together or farther apart depending on shading required. The ends of each tube can be cut with various patterns for a unique look.



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