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Fabric Awnings

One of the most economical ways to provide shade and beauty to a project is a Fabric Awning.

Sundance Architectural Products offers Fabric Awnings in all styles including: Standard, Bahama, Dome, Long Dome, Convex, Concave, Quarter Barrel, Half Barrel, Gable, as well as any custom style to meet your needs.

One of the most economical ways to provide shade and beauty to a project is a Fabric Awning. The design styles are endless, whether your building architecture has curved lines, straight lines or needs a third dimension, we can custom design a fabric awning that will work for you.

Our team of designers can suggest a style that will meet all of your needs. Sundance Architectural Products has selected only the best materials for your awning. The framework for fabric awnings is constructed of either aluminum or steel tubing, depend- ing on your needs. Each of the frames can be powder coated or painted enamel in a large variety of colors to match the fabric or your building colors.

Our team just doesn’t stop with styles – we will also carefully design and engineer the fasteners required to meet the wind or snow loads in your area. We also carry several types and styles of fabrics for the look you require and the performance you demand.

Standard Awning  The typical design when talking about fabric awnings. This traditional wedge shaped style allows an area to be completely covered and protected from the harsh elements. The wings (ends) are closed to give added protection from the sun or rain. The awning can have a valance at the bottom edge for additional coverage or to allow for graphics.

Requiring very little maintenance, today’s awning fabrics are long-lasting and offer excellent design options.  Sundance Architectural provides a great addition to your home or business while offering a full line of manufacturing, installation and permit services.

Bahama Awning  Same design as the standard awning but the wings (ends) are open.  A custom designer look while providing proper protection from elements, cover and shade.  Bahama Canvas Awnings are available in any custom shape, size and an impressive variety of fabric colors for unlimited possibilities for architectural design enhancement.

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